Why Hello There!

Hi! My name’s Natasha. Some people call me Tasha, some call me Tashy, and one person even calls me Tasha-tron.

I created this blog many moons ago, and up until now I’ve had severe writers block and a wee bit of stage fright.

‘But Tasha, how can you have writers block and stage fright if you’ve never written anything on your blog?’ I hear you say.

Well, simple. I just didn’t know what to write about! I had some broad topics in mind, but I felt scared approaching them and terrified that the wrath of the internet would come down on me as soon as I published my first post. But we both know that’s ridiculous and that the little voice in my head (aka my subconscious. I’m not that crazy…yet) is being silly.

So here I am, sat in my pyjamas on a rainy September night mustering up all my courage to simply say

Hey world! Hey internet! Hey reader! Welcome to my blog! 😀

Tashy xoxo